Regular exercise is proven to be of benefit to people with Parkinson's. We offer two subsidised gym sessions on Wednesday and Friday. We have a dedicated Parkinson's aware trainer who will provide you with an exercise plan based on you ability and needs.


ARCHERY  We have regular archery session at Fort Purbrook, we have Qualified Instructors who do this on a one to one basis. Members of all capabilities take part and enjoy these sessions The dates for these sessions are:-

Wednesday 5pm at Fort Purbrook:-

 May 22nd, June 12th, July 3rd, July 24th, August 15th, September 4th, October 9th, October 30th, November 27th.

We then go to the Southwick Park Golf Club for an "All you can eat" Curry, or you can choose from their A La Carte Menu

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We have skittles 3 times a year held at the Southwick Park Golf Club a very enjoyable evening with a meal provided. Our last skittles evening we had over 40 attending

                      Family Barbeque

The family barbeque was held at Queen Elizabeth Country Park with plenty to eat and games for the children

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Stanstead House Garden Show

A welcome break with tea and a scone at the Stanstead House Garden Show



                           Members taking part in awareness

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